About Amber Waves Diving

Company History

 Amber Waves Diving Co. started in 2008, with a vision to create a dive club atmosphere where divers of all levels could come to find friendly smiles, dive conversation, great training and gear at reasonable prices.

The original owners knew that putting a shop in Augusta, KS and not in the middle of metro Wichita would create a difficult marketing task.

Therefore, our core philosophy was to define ourselves as a "Destination Retailer." Our business philosophy soon paid off and we had to say bye to our friends in Augusta and said hello to our friends in Wichita.  We re-located the store in 2013 to 307 S. Greenwich Road.  We have stuck with our core philosophy to continue to strive to make each customer feel that they are part of the Amber Waves family. In 2014 our hard work came to fruition when we became the largest PADI Training Center in Wichita.

We have certainly grown from our meager start with only three instructors.   We now boast a roster of 27 team members that include instructors, dive masters, and retail support staff.   We are considered one of the "BEST" service centers in the Kansas area and have won several prestigious awards from PADI, our certification agency. 

We hope you find our website easy to peruse and if you ever have a question do not hesitate to call Dr. Scuba at 316-775-6688, he's always ready to write a prescription that includes adventure and happy memories. 

"Prepare for every opportunity and create an environment where both internal customers and external customers smile and laugh often."


Our Mission

Amber Waves Diving Co., Inc. is a service and product based company that provides recreational scuba instruction, professional instruction services, and dive related products to academic institutions, small as well as large businesses, and the general public. When you take a course with us you become a member of our diving family, one that is committed to ensuring you have a safe and meaningful diving career. We will constantly strive to provide the passion and inspiration for growing dive customers, employees and associated instructors to see life as an adventure that requires love and care for one another.


Meet the Amber Waves Team

Tyler Brewer

Tyler Brewer, otherwise known as " Dr. SCUBA," is a PADI Master SCUBA Diver Trainer, a Emergency First Responder Instructor Trainer, an American Heart Association BLS Instructor, an American Safety and Health Institute Advanced First Aid Instructor, and a National Safety Council First Aid Instructor. ... [ Read more ]

Linda Brewer

Linda is an Open Water Diver and works the retail floor. She has a tremendous amount of influence over one of the owners. How does that happen?

Brian Brewer

Brian Brewer is a Rescue Diver and is the retail sales manager.  He is readily available to assist you with many of your SCUBA equipment needs, fill tanks, schedule classes and trip, and just talk SCUBA with you.

Tim Follis

Tim Follis is a owner, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, an Emergency First Response First Aid Instructor, an American Heart Association BLS Instructor, and an American Safety and Health Institute Advanced First Aid Instructor.  In addition, he manages our service and repair department. ... [ Read more ]

Chris Hulett

Chris Hulett is a  PADI Course Director and Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer with the Amber Waves Dive family. His love for life and adventure translates to his love for diving. Whether your interested in just becoming Recreational SCUBA Diver or a Professional PADI Instructor, Chris can make that happen. ... [ Read more ]

Susan Hulett

Susan Hulett is a Master Scuba Diver Trainer/Instructor and an American Heart Association BLS Instructor.  She loves diving the Caribbean Islands and she says it doesn't really matter to her which one it is.  She is a business woman who has participated in triathlons.  It's in her nature to nurture and keep divers safe so we love having her on our team.

Clif Mason

Clif trained with the Cayman Diving College to get his PADI Open Water Instructor License.  Additionally, he is an Emergency First Response First Aid Instructor and an American Heart Association BLS Instructor. He worked in St. ... [ Read more ]

Royce Taylor

Royce is a PADI Instructor Development Course Staff Instructor who loves to teach and take the first timer down to show them the wonders of the underwater world. Royce originally certified in 1978 and got his first instructor rating in 1985. He has a countless number of dives and an immeasurable number of hours underwater. ... [ Read more ]

Jennifer Hull

Jennifer is a PADI Open Water Instructor and an American Heart Association BLS Advanced First Aid Instructor.  By day she is a fifth grade teacher for USD 259 and that experience has translated well to teaching SCUBA.  She is a wonderful caring young lady who focuses on delighting her students and the staff at Amber Waves Diving. 

Michael Jernigan

Mike is a PADI Open Water Instructor and holds technical dive certifications in PADI Tec 50, Side-Mount and Cavern.  By day, he is an IT manager at Koch Engineering.  His other interests include sky diving and he holds a black belt in Kung Fu

Vaugh Cossel

Vaughn is a PADI Open Water Instructor and an American Heart Association BLS First Aid Instructor.  He works as an engineer when he's not getting wet.  Vaughn's entire family dives and he has spent a great deal of time working with the Boy Scouts.  He manages our scouting program and many of our youth programs.

Blaine Garrett

Blaine is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and is a certified Emergency First Responder and American Heart Association Instructor. He works for the National Guard as a full time Federal employee.  He has been with Amber Waves from the start and is an adopted member of the Brewer Family.

Wendy Garrett

Wendy is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.  She is also a certified Emergency First Responder and American Heart Association Instructor .  She works full time as an academic coordinator for the Wichita State University Technical Institute.

Russell "Rusty" Coad

Russell Coad is a PADI Open Water Instructor.  By day his is a successful Dentist and is passionate about his faith and family. 

Neil Garrett

Neil Garrett is an Instructor holding a Master Scuba Training Diver status with Amber Waves Diving.  He is retired from the U.S. Army where he had a very distinguished career.  He has traveled the world, found the love of his life in Germany, and loves walking his dog.  You will enjoy his teaching style and laid back personality.

Dan Wegner

Dan Wegner is a PADI Instructor Development Course Staff Instructor and a PADI TecRec Instructor. He is also an Emergency First Response Instructor.

Dan is the Fire Marshall for the Sedgwick County Fire Department. He specializes in teaching technical rescue skills to firefighters and holds a PADI Public Safety Instructor certification.

   ... [ Read more ]

Chad Winton

Chad is an Assistant Instructor  with Amber Waves Diving Co.  Chad's real job is that of a Battalion Chief with the Wichita Fire Department.  Among being a highly qualified Dive Team member he is an instructor in high angle and rope rescue.  His love for diving and life will definitely not be lost on you, you just can't walk away from him without a smile on your face.

Daniel Iacuzzi

Daniel is a Sedgwick County Firefighter by day and caught the SCUBA bug while on the Rescue Team.  He hails from Australia so he is aptly nicknamed Aussie.  G-Day Mate!

Eric Buck

Eric is a PADI Master Scuba Trainer and has his priorities aligned perfectly.  God, family, and diving.  By day he works as a flight paramedic and Administrator for Life Save.

Mark Armfield

Dr. Mark  Armfield  is  one  of  our  Dive  Masters with a DSD certification who, along with his wife  Melodeehave joined the Amber Waves Diving family.  He and his wife both own and operate Armfield Dentistry PA  in Augusta. Mark will find any excuse to dive and he can be seen many times hand and hand with his wife at the airport going on another exciting dive adventure.  Their  smile and laugh are infectious and  you just have to come in and meet them to see what we mean.

Brian Harvey

Brian is a Dive Master and a Service Technician.  If you want taught right and your equipment fixed right, Brian is your guy. Brian retired from the U.S. Army as a flight medic and was in the public safety field for quite some time.  He, like the rest of our great staff, is a family man who values his time with his wife and kids. 

James (Jim) Phillips

If we had one word that we needed to describe PADI Dive Master Jim Phillips it would be, "Gentleman."  Kind and helpful are other words that describe Jim.  He retired after many years as the Band and Orchestra Teacher for Buhler High School.  We were lucky enough to have him give "us" a try when he was working on his Advanced and Rescue Diving certifications a ... [ Read more ]

Gary Head

Gary is a PADI Dive Master and loves helping others who want to learn how to dive.  By day he manages a Co-op in Valley Center.

Mike Seybert

Mike Seybert is a PADI Dive Master and belongs to a family of divers.  His is certified as a Discover Scuba Diver  (DSD) Instructor.   He loves traveling to Cozumel and diving with friends and family.

Mark Schwebke

Have you ever heard someone say, "He's just a nice guy."  Well, meet that nice guy.....Mark Schwebke.  You will love his patience and dive skills as he helps you through your SCUBA adventure.

Frank Williams

Frank Williams is a PADI Divemaster and Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Instructor who dives deep and flies high.

Frank Williams is the EMS Director for Butler County and is also Director of the Butler County Rescue Team.

Terry Cole

Terry Cole is a Dive Master with Amber Waves Diving.  He is a Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) Instructor.  Terry helps ensure students are safe as they learn SCUBA.

Herb Callender

Herb Callender is a PADI Dive Master and DSD Instructor.  Herb has been on virtually every SCUBA trip that Amber Waves Diving has sponsored.  In addition to being a dive master, Herb is certified in TecRec 50, PADI Sidemount, and as a Cavern Diver.

Laura Buck

Laura is part of team "Buck."  She is a Dive Master and a wonderful wife, mother, and scuba diver.  She has the patience of a saint, so if you need that 'special' help she will be there with a smile to work you through any difficulties.  When she's not taking care of her family or diving she's working as a registered nurse.

Steve Atkinson

Steve Atkinson is a PADI Divemaster and an Emergency First Response (CPR and First Aid) Instructor.

Steve is a Captain on the Sedgwick County Fire Department.


Colleen Beckley

Colleen is a certified instructor in American Heart Association and American Safety and Health Institute.  She has wonderful singing voice and stage presence which translates to her teaching expertise.  She always has a smile and makes every class fun while she teaches you a life saving skill.

Jennifer Werner Shumway

Jennifer is an emergency room registered nurse and fell in love with diving.  In fact, on most of our trips she is awarded the 'Iron Man' diving award.