Cat Ppalu Trip - Exuma Bahamas

Take a peek at the fun we had on our June Trip in the Bahamas....THE ONLY WAY TO SAIL

Boarding the Boat and having fun with the crew
Proving that we really were in the Bahamas
No this isn't a gang sign
Bahama Coral
Floating in a bed of Coral
Cruisin' by
Did you see that Shark!
Melodee and Mark Armfield....A GREAT TEAM
Parrot Fish
Keep your Toes
Blue is Cool
Everyone's Hungry
Fan Coral
Finding a Place to Hide
Sting Ray
Hi MOM!  Are these Flippers?
Grapes and Lizards
Get ready, get set, GO
A florist can't do this
Fearless Leader
Lion Fish
Who wants to play?
Playing with the beach wildlife
Sunsets and Rainbows....the only way to live and dive